My Journey Towards A Healthier ME


I have this sudden feeling of wanting to write in English, so here goes nothing! 

You may know that I am now in a looooong journey towards a healthier version of myself; when I say healthy, I mean physically and mentally. 

But before that, let me tell you how I was before; exactly 5 months ago and beyond that. I was never a healthy person. Yes, I indulge in good food (sweet salty creamy food) any time of the day. Even late at night when I feel the urge of having a bar of chocolate - I will willingly drive to the 7Eleven and buy the biggest bar of chocolate I can find. 

I knew it was time for me to make a change. C'mon, I was going to be 28 next year (I am now!) and I really felt the grief of not having any personal achievement which I can be proud about - at this phase of life. So, I knew that the time was NOW. 

I was lazy and fat.

That says it all; I practically wake up every day and go to work. But on my way to work, I will buy myself a nasi lemak and nescafe ais. Lunch and dinner would be something similar; heavy and unhealthy. Not forgetting the snacks that I had along the day. A lot, I tell you! 

January 2017 - The journey has begun. 

I took small steps; 

I started packing my own food to work. Why? Because I want to make sure the quality of food that I am consuming is at its best condition possible; no preservatives, sugar, less salt, etc. I still have my nasi lemak occasionally, not everyday like how it used to be. 

I started exercising. I can still remember my first ever session with my trainer in January, I couldn't walk for two days! And I was sleeping like a baby right after the session, because I was super exhausted. And it was not really an intensed session. So many times I felt like quitting, the thought of "This is not me" at the back of my mind. But I kept going. 

I started organizing my LIFE again. Yes, small steps. I have always been a night owl; I tend to be very active at night. But, because of the lack of sleep I tend to be very sleepy at work and will not perform well. So, I started sleeping before midnight. And as time passes, my sleep time began to be more stable; sleeping and waking up at the same time of the day. So when my sleeps are good, I can plan to do so many things all day and trust me, things will turn up to be smoother and efficient. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT! 

I started to smile more; to strangers, even when I am not doing anything (don't call me crazy, but this has been proved thru researches!) A simple smile can change your whole day. Slowly, the way I see things has changed and improved. From being someone who is very negative, I now choose to see from the other end of the perspective. I love being happy. 

I started eating supplements; Shaklee. No, this is not a promotion post. But it is worth to be mentioned as some people think supplementation is not important. Instead, it is a sacrifice you make for your future self; same as eating healthy (saying byebye to nasi lemak) and also exercising (cmon, who does this for fun? Not me, of course!). The time and money which you have been spending on fancy food (or bad food, etc.) are now bring spent on supplements. You may not see it now, but eventually you will - with patience and persistence, in addition to picking the best NATURAL supplements. 

I am still fat, but not so fat anymore. 

Along the way, I have lost a few kilograms and inches. Not saying that I am satisfied now, but it is worth to be mentioned. Because I am proud of my hard work. So many things I have changed in my routine in making sure this journey does not end anytime soon. 


Now, I run! 

If you wonder if there is anyone on this planet who has never run before? It is me. I hated running so much that I lied to my teachers during school, I said I had asthma. Or whatever excuses I could think of. I just didn't want to do sports. 

But in conjunction with target this year, I have challenged myself to run 10 runs this year. Not everyday run, but runs in events. And as of today, I have ran in 5 events; with a total of 38 kilometres. That is something out of my comfort zone. 5 more runs to go! And more, inshaAllah. 

How do I feel so far? 


As I was cleaning my phone gallery yesterday, I found some photos of me in November last year - and only then I saw my improvement. It may not be as obvious as it should be, but it's a process. And I am proud of it! 


InshaAllah, more milestones to be achieved!

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